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Preparing to Introduce a New Cat to Your Home Introducing the Cats Dealing with Aggression Community Q&A Cats have complex personalities, and it is not possible to know how any given cat will react to another animal of any kind. However, it is possible to take measures in order to prevent and/or minimize potential conflict.

Many cats live harmoniously together, especially when you ease them into new social contexts.

If you like cartoons, you've probably seen many that on the subject.

Adding both the scratchers and the vertical territory will help Izzy establish her position in the flexible hierarchy and allow her to mark her territory. This is a common issue that sometimes cat parents miss.She is a frequent guest on television and radio, answering cat behavior questions and helping people understand their cats. You may even hear parents say their kids “fight like cats and dogs."“Fighting like cats and dogs" is a common phrase that people use to mean people argue, fight or don't get along.In addition to adding the litter boxes, you need to add vertical territory and more scratchers throughout your home.

Vertical territory includes tall cat trees, shelves, armoires, etc.

You can stop Izzy’s behavior by making a few changes in your home.